Art Lovers’ Paris, free this week

When I’m not pottering around on Les Musées de Paris, I’m writing about Paris in many other places. One of my favourite projects is writing e-books for the wonderful Unanchor Travel, which publishes travel e-books filled with beautiful photos, detailed maps and expertly-curated itineraries for destinations all over the world.

Unanchor books are available direct from their website, as well as on Amazon. And in a rather fabulous deal, every Unanchor book will be available for free on Amazon for 48 hours, this Thursday and Friday, September 3 and 4 2015.

Art Lovers Paris Cover Image

La muséophile‘s books can be found here (Melbourne), here (Richmond), and most importantly for LMdP readers here (Paris!) Feel free to snap them up for free this week. Just please, pretty please, leave a review if you like what you’ve read; reviews are what make Amazon go round!

Happy reading, happy wanderlust!

Note: if you don’t use Kindle, you can adapt the e-books to your phone or tablet using Amazon’s Kindle Reader app.


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