Musée Maillol

When you’ve lived in Paris for a little while, when the city starts to feels less like a holiday destination and more like a second home, you develop connections with small and unexpected things. It might be a particular metro station with an understated deco style that makes you feel as though you’re being transported back in time. It might be a specific boulangerie that looks like any of the hundreds of other corner bakeries in the city, but where they make the most perfectly fluffy, sugar crystal-encrusted chouquettes imaginable. It might be an unassuming brasserie near home where you routinely stop for a coffee, picking the same corner seat with the street view every time. I might be a tiny little second-hand bookshop, sporting its fair share of dust, where you find a 2-Euro paperback gem every time you rummage through its shelves. Or perhaps it’s a street.

Lesmuseesdeparis Maillol 1

In the way that many Parisians keep a carnet d’adresses, a personally-curated little notebook of shopping, dining or other destinations they love and recommend, I have a carnet de rues. Readers have heard me wax lyrical about the rue Saint-Dominique, the rue Cler and the rue Vieille du Temple before. But today, I’m turning my attention to the rue de Grenelle and its chic museum treasures.

Lesmuseesdeparis Maillol 2

Running perpendicular to the equally-gorgeous Saint Germain street, la rue du Bac, one minute’s walk from the metro stop of the same name, the rue de Grenelle holds a special place in my Paris memories. It was there that I shacked up with a dear Aussie friend for a week, when I first moved to Paris by myself in early 2011. I may not have pleasant memories of the frantic experience of trying to find somewhere to live, but my friend’s lovely apartment, with its exposed beams and view onto a tranquil courtyard, was a quiet haven during those rushed and stressful hunting days. Even after I found my own little stomping ground in the 15th arrondissement, I returned often to la copine australienne’s rue de Grenelle flat, to eat cheese, drink wine and share stories about our Paris lives.

Lesmuseesdeparis Maillol 5

But the rue de Grenelle isn’t just special for my personal memories. For this narrow, impossibly-pretty street is also home to a brilliant museum: le Musée Maillol. Its entrance tucked back from the street in a gravel courtyard, the Maillol is a compact but charming museum and temporary exhibition space. There, you will find a rotating calendar of cultural treasures. When I first visited, a Renaissance art exhibition was showing. It also boasts an excellent permanent collection, with works by Aristide Maillol himself, an accomplished modernist sculptor, and a number of other beautiful pieces from artists like Cézanne, Matisse, Degas and others.

Lesmuseesdeparis Maillol 3

Open to all kinds of cultural and artistic shows, the Maillol reflects what I love so much about Paris: its elegance, its cultural richness and its many changing faces. Which, in my opinion, makes the rue de Grenelle a very worthy entry in my carnet de rues, indeed.

Xx La Muséophile

Musée Maillol

59/61 rue de Grenelle, 75007 (métro: rue du Bac)

Museum homepage

Full price: 13 euros

Reduced price: 11 euros
Opening hours:
Every day, 10.30am to 7pm

Photo 3 credit: Sarah Castles



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