Le Château de Sceaux

Within a couple of hours of Paris – and in some cases, a couple of minutes – there are literally dozens of châteaux. Some are rather austere but historically significant, like the Château de Vincennes, while others are impossibly decadent and ornate (hello, Château de Versailles). These castles may look like something out of a … More Le Château de Sceaux

Le Musée de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France

There’s one place in Paris that can make me giggle just to think of it. It’s not a comedy theatre, humorous artwork or playful museum. In fact, it’s a very serious place. Constructed in the 1980s by President François Mitterrand to replace its much smaller predecessor and house every book published in France, the Bibliothèque … More Le Musée de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France

La Fondation Cartier

The most memorable museums strike a balance between interior and exterior, between art and architecture. Sure, the modern gallery archetype of the white cube is great for focusing the eye on artworks, without distractions. But the white cube lacks personality and turns the museum into a blank slate. On the other end of the spectrum, … More La Fondation Cartier

Le Musée du Fumeur

These days, I like to think I’ve integrated pretty well into Parisian culture. I don’t get mistaken for a tourist too often, I know the local vernacular and I can even navigate the metro without grief. (Sometimes I even know which carriage to get on to line up with the right exit at my stop!) … More Le Musée du Fumeur