Le Musée des Automates et de la Magie

Having visited every other museum in the Marais, from the historical (Le Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme, le Musée Carnavalet, le Memorial de la Shoah) to the artistic (le Musée Picasso, le Musée Cognacq-Jay, la Maison européenne de la photographie) and the scientific (le Musée des arts et métiers, le Musée de la chasse et … More Le Musée des Automates et de la Magie

Le Mémorial de la Shoah

There’s no denying that France has a long and varied history; I’m constantly learning a new chapter of its story. But sadly French history isn’t all art movements, empires and left-wing student rebellions in the Paris streets. For there is no sugar coating the role French forces played in collaborating with their Nazi occupiers during the Second World War. … More Le Mémorial de la Shoah